Lo statuto
the statute

Associazione di Amicizia Interparlamentare

Italia – Azerbaigian


Lo statuto Italia - Azerbaigian

                                       ENGLISH VERSION


Article 1 – Registered name and seat

The “Italy-Azerbaijan” Association of Inter-parliamentary Friendship has been founded with seat in Rome, in the place indicated by the President.

Article 2 – Guiding principles

The “Italy-Azerbaijan” Association of Inter-parliamentary Friendship is autonomous and nonprofit.

In order to realize its own purposes and with the aim of operating to fulfil collective interests, The association intends to:

  1. Promote, reinforce and value mutual knowledge between the two countries by also boosting the interchange of ideas and protocols in order to promote friendship and solidarity links.
  2. Promote socio-cultural, scientific, artistic interchange between Italy and Azerbaijan through agreements with Institutions, professional groups and associations, corporations, social organizations, universities, research institutes, health centres. In these specific areas, the association is ready to push for a technical, scientific, economic, cultural, artistic, health cooperation.
  3. Promote twinnings among corporations and institutions of the two countries, with particular involvement of the Parliament. Promote and organize shows, expositions, conferences, seminars, cultural events, festivals and social tourism initiatives.
  4. Promote social, economic, health, cultural, sport events with the aim of boosting the activities of the nonprofit Association as an instrument for cooperation and of enhancement of multiethnic culture and of solidarity among communities.
  5. Deal with the publication (even on-line) of periodicals, monographs, documents, bibliographies for reciprocal knowledge of Italian and Azerbaijan history, culture and socio-economic reality
  6. Keep and strengthen the relationship with the Azerbaijan diplomatic compounds in Italy and with the Italian compounds in Azerbaijan.


Article 3 – Associated members

People or entities which can adhere to the association: Parlamentarians in charge, ex parlamentarians, natural person or nonprofit private law collective entities which want to take part in the fulfilment of the aims of the Association and to observe this Statute by sharing its purposes, principles and programs.

The promoter members remain members of the Association and of the Presiding Commitee.

Article – Organs of the Association

The “Italy-Azerbaijan” Association of Inter-parliamentary Friendship is made up of:

  1. Associated members Assembly
  2. Presiding Commitee
  3. President
  4. Vice president
  5. 2 Secretaries


The Presiding Commitee, whose composition will be arranged by 60 days of the foundation of the Association and the number of parlamentarians in the commitee can vary from 3 to 5.

The associative office are elective and entitled to the parlamentarians.

The office of secretary can be fulfilled both from parlamentarians or by other people members of the Association.

The elective offices are fulfilled for free by respecting the principle of equal opportunities between men and women.

The elective organs are elected by the Assembly and remain the same during the entire legislature.

Article 5 – Assembly

The Assembly is made up of all the associated members and can be ordinary or extraordinary.

It is called at least once a year by the President who officiates it and who approves by the majority.

Every associated member, natural person or collective entity has just one vote available.

Every associated member may choose to be represented by another member with mandate in the Assembly; every associated member may not receive more than 2 mandates.

Deliberations are effective when one half of the registered members are physically present or through mandate.

The Ordinary Assembly directs the whole activity of the Association.

Article 6 – Presidential Committee

It is made up of President, Vice president, 2 Secretaries and of the founder associate.

Majority deliberation, it is summoned by the President.

Article – 7 Dissolution

The dissolution of the Association is deliberated by the Assembly, in accordance with what is established by art. 5

Article – 8 Final norm – reference

For what is not expressly mentioned in this Statute reference is to be made to the Italian civil code and other applicable laws about associationism and social advancement.

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